Grass for farming, for sports, 
and for family life

DLF is a global seed company dealing in forage and amenity seeds, and other crops.

With a 50% market share in Europe and 30% worldwide, there's a good chance the animals that provide your milk, meat, and wool gathered the nutrition they need from our grass. If you enjoy sport, you may well have seen your favorite team score on a pitch turfed with our grass. And if you like relaxing on your own garden lawn, that too may well have begun life as a bag of our seeds.

We're the global market leader and we provide grass and clover seeds to more than 100 countries. We operate within forage and turf seed, sugar and fodder beet seed, seed potatoes and multiplication of vegetable seed. We're owned by a cooperative of Danish grass-seed farmers. Read our history.

Science develops better seeds 

The world demands a lot from its grasses: nutrition, resilience, performance, easy maintenance. And each year our customers rely on us to produce better seed varieties than we did the year before. So we spend a lot of resources on the lab and our research plots. Roughly 11% of our 2000 employees are involved in research. We run plant-breeding programmes across the world to produce varieties that flourish in harsh climates, on challenging soils, and for the most demanding and critical audiences on the planet. That's why our grasses are more likely to be chosen for major events like the football World Cup.

Structured for speed, innovation, and security of supply

Our business structure is good for customers. Because customers deserve the best – innovative seed varieties supported by speed and security of supply – we're vertically integrated in research, production, and sales.

Our headquarters are in Roskilde, Denmark. We're also present in other countries: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, Canada, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.