Seed certification and quality

International trade in seeds is quite rightly subject to a regime of certification. Supplying seed to national and international certification standards comes naturally to us because we export seed worldwide – and we've been producing to certification standards for years. Certification guarantees that the seed you buy from us is uniform, reliable, and of the quality you expect.

Our seed certification programme involves field inspections, seed sampling, laboratory tests and pre and post-control cultivation. At every stage, we produce seeds you can trust.

You can't beat top-quality Danish seed

We produce most of our clover and grass seed in Denmark. A temperate climate and 7.300 km of coast line provide near-perfect conditions for seed production. Rain falls evenly throughout the growing season and the surrounding seas soften temperature variations. The conditions are ideal for a wide range of grass and clover species.

We also produce seed through contract production in other DLF Group companies: DLF (The Netherlands), DLF (Czech Republic), DLF Pickseed (USA), and DLF Pickseed (Canada). All grass seed produced in Denmark and Holland is certified to EU standards.

A red harvester unloading seed into a cart behind a tractor