A beautiful moss-free lawn

Moss is the most common lawn problem of all. There's no single cause of moss. It could be any one, or a combination, of:

  • Lack of fertiliser
  • Mowing too close
  • Poor drainage
  • Shade
  • Dripping from trees
  • Too much rolling
  • Compaction
  • Lime shortage
  • Lack of topsoil

To get rid of moss, work out what's causing the problem, then do what you can to eliminate it. A proprietary moss killer can be helpful.

Grass seed to help you avoid moss

A good modern grass-seed mixture gives you a dense lawn with the ability to compete better against moss and weeds. Choosing a mixture for shady lawns, such as Turfline® Shadow, also helps limit moss growth. Or you could get your lawn off to a good start with a lime-coated seed mixture, such as Turfline® GrassFix, that helps prevent moss growth from the time you sow.