DLF Select - purity you can rely on

DLF select is a quality program to bring professional amenity-turf managers reliable access to the highest purity seed stocks they demand.

DLF Select, when seed purity matters

DLF Select - high purity seeds
As a professional amenity-turf manager it is important for you to get high-quality, high-purity seeds on a consistent basis.
The market is becoming more demanding, and customer needs and expectations are increasing. Changing environmental and climatic conditions and tougher weed-control regulations make high standards of purity ever harder to achieve. DLF Select is our response to this market need.

DLF Select brings stability to the high-purity seed market. As a professional amenity-turf manager you can rely on DLF Select to deliver the high purity seed stocks

Watch how we secure reliable access to the highest purity seeds in this video

The purest seed on the market

DLF Select S1
Sample 100% clean after multiple 10x searches – qualifies for DLF Select S1 status.

DLF Select S2
Sample 100% clear of coarse grasses after multiple 10x searches (for Poa it is however a 5x working sample analyzed), but traces of non-harmful dicot species – qualifies for DLF Select S2 status.

DLF Select 00
Sample 100% clean after the standard 2.500 seed search– qualifies for DLF Select 00 status.

Professional grade A1 & A2
Not labelled DLF Select, but offering a significant improvement in purity over standard EU-certified seed – free of coarse grass with significantly reduced levels of Poa species.

DLF Select Quality grades
Read more about ISTA accredited labs and procedures here.

End-to-end quality control - our investment in your future

To develop DLF Select we have evaluated every aspect of our processes to produce more high-performance, high-purity seed.

We have selected our best varieties, placed them for production with the most skilled growers and the cleanest fields. Specialist DLF employees work to clean the seed on dedicated cleaning lines to ensure optimal purity.

DLF Select - the process
See the process in detail here

This is why we call this ‘DLF Select’. Our integrated approach ensures that you can rely on DLF Select to deliver the highest purity seed, season after season, in the quantities you need.

The process begins at the R&D stage. Only high-performance varieties are chosen for the DLF Select programme. And then only the best varieties for professional turf managers are produced in the DLF Select production programme.

Reliability and precision you can depend on

Pure seed grows into pure, weed-free turf that provides the best turf managers with absolute precision – a perfect bounce, a rod-straight roll of the ball, or an exquisite landscape project. To achieve this level of turf perfection you need seed of exceptional purity; you need DLF Select.

You also need to know that you can obtain this seed, year after year, season after season. That’s the promise of DLF Select.

Look for the label

DLF Select seed bears the distinctive logo. It's your guarantee of absolute purity

DLF Select Label

Let's work together
To optimize our rolling two year production cycle we need to work in partnership with you. The more information we have about your future seed requirements the better we can plan to fulfill them. We want to work closely with you to ensure you never miss out on the high purity seed your business demands.
DLF Select - two men in a field
To find out more about how DLF Select can work for you, contact your local sales representative

DLF Select brochure
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