Energise your lawn with SeedBooster®

You do less work and enjoy more time on your lawn when you sow it with SeedBooster® coated seeds. Our new SeedBooster® coating gives your seeds all the nitrogen fertiliser they need to get off to a cracking start. When you sow with SeedBooster® you do two jobs in one time-saving operation: the sowing of your seed and the dressing of nitrogen that usually follows.

Because the SeedBooster® coating surrounds your lawn seeds, they can tap into the nitrogen straight away. It's like sowing your seeds with their own packed lunch. Nothing goes to waste either. If you were to fertilise your lawn in a separate operation (which is the traditional method), you would fertilise the weeds as well as your grass seed. SeedBooster® doesn't let those nutrients go to waste; it keeps them all for your lawn seeds.

SeedBooster® gives you fast- and slow-acting nitrogen

SeedBooster® is a huge step forward in seed-coating technology. The combination of fast- and slow-release nitrogen feeds your germinating seeds and your seedlings during their first crucial month of life. In tests, researchers found far less leaching of nitrogen with SeedBooster® than you'd get with regular grass seed and a standard fertiliser.

SeedBooster® is far more effective, too. It contains 10% nitrogen – at least five times as much nitrogen as the 1% to 2% you'd typically find in other seed coatings. There's so little nitrogen in most seed coatings, the effects are negligible.

Energise your lawn with Seedbooster

30% more plants with SeedBooster®

Since no nitrogen goes to waste with SeedBooster®, roots and shoots grow rapidly, and your seedlings are strong and vigorous. That's what makes SeedBooster® such a useful technology for lawns that are subject to heavy use.

When the Sports Turf Research Institute tested SeedBooster®, they found that it establishes significantly better. As many as 30% more plants survive the establishment phase. And the roots are more than 30% longer. This gives you a denser lawn with roots that reach down further. Deep roots are especially useful during a drought. They dig deeper for the moisture your lawn needs to survive.

Why choose SeedBooster®

  • No wasted fertiliser – better for the environment
  • The fertiliser feeds the seeds, not the weeds
  • The grass seed gets a boost and grows into a lawn faster
  • Less work – just one application does the job