Robust grass for salty environments

Lawns don't grow well in saline soils or in salty areas close to the coast. It doesn't matter where the salt comes from – from the soil, your water supply, or on wind-blown sea spray – if there's too much of it in your garden, your lawn won't grow to its best.

A lawn that fails to flourish doesn't just look unappealing, it has reduced resistance to disease and to the pressures of everyday use.

Turf solutions for salinity


Our research has helped us find the most saline-resistant varieties from each species. The chart shows the huge difference between the main grass species:


Species ordered by decreasing salt tolerance chart

Within each species there are also big differences = difference between the varieties. The best mixtures and varieties that have proven superior in our tests for saline environments are eligible for our 4Salt© logo. Our 4Salt© mixtures will perform well also without salinity problems, so it is at no risk to choose them as a safeguard in case of doubt!


4Salt© mixtures that will make the difference to standard mixtures:
4Salt© Turfline mixtures


The most salt tolerant species are: 
•    Bermuda grass
•    Tall fescue
•    Quick Action® perennial ryegrasses
•    Slender creeping red fescue