Boost your profits with beet, pulses and oilseed rape

We're not just about grass at DLF. We supply a range of other feed and commercial crops that support farm profitability. Many of these crops are complementary. They help farmers supply the varied nutritional needs of their herds, and earn profits from a range of income streams.

Bioenergy crops

Energy derived from crops is endlessly renewable. Our varieties of beet, and grass have been developed for maximum bioenergy yields from anaerobic digesters.

Bioenergy crops

Arable crops

Our pulses are a home-grown alternative to imported soya-bean protein. Plenty of varieties to choose from – and plenty of support to help you get the best yield. Our oilseed rape can be a source of high quality oil for human consumption as well as supply of protein for animal feeding.

Spinach and potatoes

If you are looking for seed potatoes or spinach seeds we have the solution for you. We sell seed potatoes through our daughter company DANESPO and our subsidiary Jensen Seeds offers production and cleaning of spinach seeds or multiplication of spinach.