The robot mower's
favourite lawn seed

Some people love mowing their lawn; others don't. They prefer a good book and a glass of wine. Our Robolawn seed mixture is for them. It's the lawn that takes care of itself.

A robot mower is a fine garden gadget, but it needs the right lawn for the best results. Robolawn makes the most of robot mowers. It's the ideal grass mixture for mowers that cut frequently and leave their clippings on the lawn.

Robot mowing

Robolawn contains the latest fine-leaved perennial ryegrasses – varieties that produce shorter, finer clippings. Instead of building an unsightly thatch, Robolawn clippings compost quickly to help fertilise your lawn and improve its ability to take in water. The fact is, a Robolawn subject to frequent cuts by a robot mower is a healthier lawn. It looks good too because the clipped grass reveals a nice clean cut with no brown leaf tips.

For the best results, sow in early spring, late summer, or early autumn. And relax all year round.