Turf ready for action

The professional turf market is constantly looking for improved varieties to meet the high demands of professional turf managers. Exceptional wear tolerance, a fine dense appearance and improved genetic, tolerance to disease and drought is just some of the many benefit's modern landscapers, groundsmen and greenkeepers are looking for. With our extensive breeding programme and knowledge from R&D, we can offer environmentally friendly mixtures and single varieties that safeguards for climate changes and fulfil the needs of turf professionals now and in the future. 

Strong, stress-tolerant turf with less input 

Looking for exceptional stress-tolerant, strong and quick-establishing turf? Then 4turf® should be your choice. The improved root architecture is more efficient in exploiting the natural water reserves in deeper soil layers which keeps the turf green for longer in a drought period. Not only can 4turf® varieties withstand drought, they also have an exceptional cold tolerance.  

Enhanced salt-tolerance in turfgrasses 

To secure your turf in saline coastal areas, roadsides and on areas irrigated with recycled water, you need turf that can withstand these unfavourable conditions. Mixtures that are marked with the 4salt® logo, safeguards the turf and cut the cost of reseeding these areas.  

High purity seeds 

In top sport events where high quality and purity is essential, DLF Select can ensure the purest seed on the market. With different quality grades we can meet your needs. Read more about DLF Select here 

Seed technology 

Faster germination, more efficient use of water and stronger, faster establishment are some of the key advantages you might be seeking in order  to optimize your seed performance.  

Stronger and faster establishment with ProNitro® seed coating  

If you wish to give your turf a head start with a denser and better-looking turf with less weeds, we offer the ProNitro® Hydroactive water management technology-coating to your seeds. The coating contains nitrogen and wetting agent which provides a faster establishment and makes your turf usable sooner.  

Less input and more output with Accelerator seed coating 

A fast germination is key to most professional turf managers. The Accelerator-coating will give your seeds a faster germination and 38% more plants in the first 7 days. The coating which contains biostimulants and wetting agent, allows for a better water distribution across the turf and 33% less water is needed in the establishment phase. Enjoy healthier and strong turf with less maintenance cost by coating your seeds with Accelerator.   

Mixtures for every need 

Different mixtures and varieties are available depending upon the customer’s local climatic conditions and needs. Our Masterline® range of grass-seed mixtures and Johnsons Sports Seed helps you prepare turf that draws the strongest performance from players and the loudest roar from spectators.  

If you want to know more about our specific species and varieties, you can see the list of species here