The turf of champions

The turf in a stadium or sports ground probably endures more wear and tear than any other. On football and soccer pitches, for example, teams play virtually all year round, with the areas in front of goals experiencing most of the action. They're demanding locations that rely on the highest-performing seed mixtures and exceptional standards of maintenance.

Championship quality guaranteed

The good news is that our turf already performs at the highest levels of international sport in a wide range of sporting arenas. It does so because our breeding teams work tirelessly to refine and improve performance. They have developed cultivars offering the highest ratings for wear-tolerance, sward density, disease-resistance, and tolerance to close mowing. They minimise the chance of invasion by Poa annua and other weed species.

Our turf mixtures take full advantage of these characteristics. They give you assured sward performance.

Establish your sports field faster

The common denominator for all our sports mixtures and varieties is speedy establishment for new seedings and for renovations. Results are enhanced by the addition of Professional Seed Technology® solutions.

Crowd-pleasing looks

By choosing mixtures containing our top-rated cultivars, you'll be delighting sports fans too. Your turf will retain its lush green look throughout the season.

Grass seeds for stadiums and sports grounds

Popular species include:

To bring out the best overall sporting performance, choose our SportMaster mixture. And for sports played in shady areas, you can't beat our ShadeMaster mixture.