We're here to help

We're as active in our markets – on farms and at agricultural shows, in parks and on sports grounds, at garden shows and with retailers – as we are in the laboratory and on our seed test beds. The market for grass seed is as fast changing as any other – and we intend to be right where you expect us to be: at the forefront of the industry.

So we're constantly talking to customers like you to find out what you want from your seed. And then we work tirelessly in the laboratory to turn your grass wish-list into next season's healthy crop of grass seed.

Woman in lab coat in a laboratory

Working for you

We offer:

  • Our global presence makes it possible to focus on the needs of your local market
  • Top-performing turf grasses - which makes us the preferred supplier for major sports events such as the football World Cup
  • Our scientific approach to grass seeds guarantees you a higher forage output
  • We export to more than 80 countries, and offer a range of different packaging options