Our three ISTA-accredited laboratories

DLF has three ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) accredited laboratories: two in Denmark and one in the Netherlands. ISTA accreditation means that our seed-testing laboratories can test in accordance with ISTA's International Rules for Seed Testing and issue ISTA Orange International Seed Lot Certificates.

ISTA accreditation

ISTA accreditation is not easily achieved – or maintained. To become accredited, our laboratory processes and technical competence had to be assessed and verified by independent audit teams. To maintain our accreditation, the auditors come back regularly to check that our standards and quality-assurance scheme continue to meet ISTA requirements. We're also obliged to take part in proficiency tests in species for which we hold accreditation.

Woman looking at test seeds through a microscope

To find out about the test methods and crop groups for which each DLF laboratory is accredited, click the links below.


DKML0300, DLF, Roskilde

DKML0400, DLF, Randers


NLML0500, Innoseeds B.V. , Kapelle

Authorised for 25-ton seed lots for OIC

In 2013 the International Rules for Seed Testing opened the way for some seed producers to produce larger lots. DLF is one of them. We're approved for production of 25-ton seed lots for ISTA Orange International Seed Lot Certificates (OIC).

See which seed companies are authorised for 25-ton seed lots.