The root to improved drought resistance

At the one-of-a-kind RadiMax root screening facility we study root architecture. Based on this unique knowledge combined with other research, we can offer varieties that are verified by RadiMax. These varieties have the strength to meet the drought challenges of the future. Learn more about drought tolerance in turf and forage grasses. 

Forage production

Pictures of cows grazing. Link to the webpage roots under forage

Professional turf

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About RadiMax  

A fast root growth is always an important factor as it helps the plant establish faster. The root architecture is also very important under drought situations where there is still water at deeper soil layers.
Together with Copenhagen University, DLF is testing the root architecture of varieties at the worlds most advanced root screening facility, RadiMax. It enables imaging of roots down to 3.0 m depth and at the same time the grasses can be exposed to increasing drought conditions through a soil moisture gradient, which can be induced in the system. In this way, we can screen the root architecture of our varieties and find out which ones can perform under drought conditions. 

Illustration of a cross section of the Radimax root screening facility
A cross section of the RadiMax root screening facility