The science of natural grazing

The most profitable way to feed a herd is to let it graze on fields of easily digestible, nutrient-rich grass. Although grazing comes naturally to ruminants, achieving the optimum grass yields and growth rates requires careful grassland management and decades of research into seed varieties.

It's all about getting the growth rate right – not so fast that some grass goes to waste, or so slow that your fields are at risk of overgrazing. You also have to keep weed species at bay. At least 90% of the grass in a field should be species that you have sown.

Can you cut costs through better grazing management?

The answer, as field studies prove, is a definite 'yes'. We look at the pros and cons of different grazing systems and show you how to get the best from your grazing. Learn more.

Grass for profitable grazing

Our ForageMax range of grass mixtures contains a grazing mixture that's right for your climate, your terrain, and your animals. For example, our GrazeMax.