Better forage for better yields

No seed developer understands the nutritional needs of livestock better than we do. We're the world’s leading producer of grass seed for cows, horses, and sheep – and we know that our grass and beet give you better yields.

You can't plant better forage seed. Our research shows that cows and sheep fattened on grass or fodder beet grown from DLF seed produce more milk and better quality meat than livestock fed on other grass or beet varieties.

The DLF advantage crosses borders and climates. Our seed development teams work in most regions of the world to ensure that the grass and beet you grow are the best performing for your climate.

To our forage segment we offer grass seed varieties and mixtures that give our customers better feed value, higher and more reliable yields and less vulnerable, more sustainable crops. Our continued research and development into these key areas ensures that the grass, clover and other legume varieties we offer, will remain the best nutritional and financial forage options for all livestock producers.

Higher yields of milk and meat

To get the best yields from your grass and your livestock, you have to manage your grassland well. That's where our agronomists can help. By tapping into their expertise, you can grow richer grass and manage it in ways that achieve the optimum yield from grazing, regeneration, hay and silage.

close up of cow eating grass