A lawn for every garden
you and your family could wish for

Your lawn has a lot to live up to. When the sun shines, everyone wants to be out on it: relaxing, entertaining, playing games, or just enjoying the tickle of soft green blades on bare toes. Our Turfline® range of grass seeds does the job for you. With ten seed mixtures to choose from, Turfline® has a lawn you could dream of for every day of the year.

There are lawns that are shade-tolerant or drought-tolerant, lawns that spring up fast, lawns you can mow into ruler-straight stripes, and lawns that make your kids feel like they're playing on a world class stadium.

A lawn that suits your climate and your garden

We test our grass seeds in all common climates and conditions – hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny, shaded. We're continually refining the range to increase hardiness and reduce maintenance – to give you a healthier lawn for less effort.

Take a look at our video to see how well a DLF high quality mixture performs compared to a low quality mixture. We have been following a DLF high quality mixture and a low quality mixture for three years to show you the difference. 

Grow a lawn to be proud of – we're here to help

Lawn envy is a terrible thing – but not so bad when it's the grass in your garden that's attracting those envious looks. To help you achieve that lush green look, we've produced a range of step-by-step guides and videos on growing and maintaining healthy, trouble-free lawns.

In the consumer market we fulfill customer needs by offering innovative concepts in a variety of turf solutions via DLF brands, customer private labels and straight varieties to the wholesale market. Different options and varieties are used depending upon customer’s local climatic conditions and circumstances with seed available in pack sizes from 100gs to 20kgs. These concepts and products are marketed using a variety of social media platforms, printed media, the press, in-store point of sale materials and direct sales.