Authorisation of our seed-testing laboratories

DLF has two ISTA-accredited laboratories in Denmark, and one in the Netherlands. All are authorised to test samples for certification purposes. The laboratories fulfil the ISTA requirements:

  • Satisfactory premises and equipment
  • Approved management and quality-assurance system including follow-up on non-conformities and written procedures
  • Appropriate qualifications and officially examined and authorised seed analysts
  • Seed-testing methods according to the ISTA rules
  • Laboratory performance checked by internal and external audits and proficiency tests

There's no room for error in seed testing. That's why 5% of our samples are retested by an official seed-testing laboratory. The authorisation is granted by the certifying authority.

A sampling of seeds being tested

Authorisation of seed samplers

At DLF, the seed samples are sampling under official supervision. The authorisation is granted by the certifying authorities, and we meet the requirements:

  • Quality-assurance system, follow up on non-conformities and written procedures
  • Practical and theoretical training, official examed and authorised samplers
  • Sampling tools and methods which meet the ISTA-requeriments
  • Appointed person-in-charge of the sampling activity
  • Sampling under official supervision with annual audit and check-sampling