Wear-tolerant golf tees

Teeing grounds take more wear and tear than any other area of your golf course. They need turf that's dense enough and robust enough to withstand frequent play. So that's exactly what our tee mixtures provide. They take the knocks on the most popular courses, even when the teeing ground is small. And for quick recoveries, you can't beat overseeding with one of our selected mixtures.

Golf tees


Grass for golf tees that recover fast

Greenkeepers often choose perennial ryegrass for its fast establishment, especially after overseeding. It's a grass that rapidly brings a tee back to peak performance. Our Golfmaster mixture also performs exceptionally well on golf tees.

For tees in shady areas we recommend our Shademaster mixture or one of our species with high shade-tolerance. For large tee areas and some par 4 and 5 tees, you could consider a mixture containing chewings fescue, slender creeping red fescue, or smooth-stalked meadow-grass.