Lawns for family life

When the summer comes you want to be enjoying your lawn, not maintaining it. You want to be racing, chasing, rolling and tumbling – and playing all the silly, carefree games that reduce adults and children to helpless laughter.

So we've developed a range of garden lawn varieties just for family life: hard-wearing, low-maintenance,soft, green, inviting.

The softest lawns for the softest toes

Shoes and socks are for winter. When the skies are a cloudless blue, everyone wants to run barefoot on the grass. Our Kids Lawn seed mixture is just about as close as you can get to a living green carpet. It's soft and dense – a joy to walk on. If ever there was a lawn mixture worthy of a baby's first steps, this is it.

Kids and family

Tough lawns for the next generation of sporting stars

Some garden lawns see more action than most. They're the lawns on which future goal-scorers perfect their technique and outdoor cooking enthusiasts hold their daily barbecue. For gardens where life is unstoppable, we've developed our Sport mixture. It's dense, tough, and hard-wearing; it'll bounce back to life even if you invite the entire neighbourhood over for a beer.

And with Quick Action® technology, Sport is easy to maintain. It's disease-resistant, drought-tolerant, and quick to establish early in the growing season when soil temperatures are as low as 3°C.