A salty shower helps a greenkeeper stay greener

At DLF we are helping landscapers and grounds men and -women make greener choices in a very tangible and practical way.

With climate changes steadily progressing water scarcity has become a major challenge in different areas. In many cases this situation sets legal constraints on the usages of ground water for irrigation of amenity and sport purposes. The result is that greener initiatives by sports clubs and landscape maintainers are needed for the vital water need of lawn grasses.

Using recirculated water is an obvious direction. using only recirculated water for irrigation presents a challenge: The purification process of waste water from cities leaves the water high in minerals and salts, too high to return to household use. It is however clean enough to return back into nature via surface water pools and streams, or be sold as irrigation water to sports fields, sports clubs, parks and landscape.

But can the turf grass bred to be dense and wear tolerant handle the stress of high salt concentration over extended period? Trials has shown that the salty irrigation for extended period is clearly segregating some grasses before others. DLF has shaped the 4Salt concept around the issue of salt tolerance. the picture above show how three different species handle the same level of increasing salt consentration in teh irrigation water.

We test and experiment and we know our genetics. The support of grassland and recreational areas of reclaimed sea land and recirculated irrigation takes a continuous awareness of the possible solutions.

DLF will continue to advise and support the green industry make sustainable choices with a solid scientific foundation.

Are you looking to learn more and prepare for a more salty future? Contact your local DLF connection.

A illustration of varieties that stand out can be see below.

After establishment the irrigation is increasing in salility and clearly some handle the torture better than others.