Annual report 2014/15

The annual report for 2014/15 is ready. You can read about the past year in DLF and learn more about the current status of the DLF Group

DLF is ready for the future

After yet another eventful year in DLF the Annual Report for 2014/15 is now ready. In the report you can read about the financial status of the DLF Group as well as stories about the different business ventures of the Group.

The past year has seen quite a few changes in the DLF Group as the company looks toward future challenges. The unity of the Group has been strengthened by the decision to re-brand and streamline the DLF brand and launching new and improved global and national websites. You can read much more about the strategies to ensure future growth in DLF and the Strategy Plan 2020 in the annual report by clicking the image below. The annual report is also available for download as PDF here.