Artificial grass gets a 👎 by the Danish players

Every year The Danish Football Players’ Association elects the greatest and worst football pitches in Denmark. This happens in collaboration with the 14 captains from the teams in the Super League. In connection to this, The Danish Football Players’ Association has made a survey regarding the members’ attitude toward playing on artificial grass instead of ordinary grass.

The last five seasons FCM, FCK and BIF have won the award of Denmark's best pitch. This year, the first place went to Brøndby IF and their hybrid grass pitch. The hybrid grass system gives the pitch the strength and stability required to be voted Denmark's best pitch.

The purpose of the award is not least to pay tribute to the groundsmen that keep track of the pitch, but also to improve the pitches and the conditions of players. A football pitch has to be safe to play and have a high standard week after week.

The artificial grass pitch at Right to Dream Park in Farum occupies the last place on the players' rankings for the fifth consecutive year, even though FC Nordsjælland has replaced the old artificial grass pitch with a new one.

The players say no to artificial grass
The Players’ Association has conducted a survey among the members of the association. The survey shows that many others than the leaders of the Super League prefer grass. The survey shows that there is a broad consensus among the players that the use of artificial grass is much worse than ordinary grass.
Among some of the biggest critics of artificial grass are the young people: "Thus, 97.2% of players in the 19-22 age group believe that artificial grass tournament matches are either" worse than on ordinary grass "(41.7%) or" much worse than on ordinary grass "(55.5%).

You can read The Danish Football Players' Association's survey findings here.