Boost profit with DLF Fiber Energy

Increased live weight gain and higher milk yields mean a higher profit. To achieve that you need optimal feed – you need the right grass

DLF Fiber Energy grasses have a superior digestibility. Highly digestible grass provides a higher feed intake, more milk in the tank, and at the same time you can avoid expensive feed supplements. Below you can see what makes DLF Fiber Energy grasses so special.

More milk and meat

The grass cell wall consists of highly digestible cellulose, hemicellulose and the non-digestible lignin. By the time the grass is ripe for cutting, DLF Fiber Energy grasses have a higher amount of digestible cell walls compared to non-Fiber Energy grasses, which means an increase in digestibility of the forage.

When digestibility is increased, more energy is released to the cow. Every 1% increase in cell wall digestibility results in around 0.25 l more milk per cow per day or 24 grams increase in live weight per day.

With DLF Fiber Energy we improve digestibility significantly and a simple calculation with 8% higher digestibility will increases milk and meat production by 730 l per cow or 70 kg live weight gain per year.

Look for the DLF Fiber Energy logoand find our Fiber Energy varieties here.

Science improves digestibility

DLF Fiber Energy symbolizes a part of our grass-breeding programme where we aim at developing varieties with more readily digestible cell-wall fibre. We're constantly working on breeding in several forage characteristics that help farmers improve their feed value and quality – and ultimately their profitability.

Varieties that proudly bear the DLF Fiber Energy symbol release more energy from every mouthful.

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