Boost your Feed with Homegrown Protein Using Clovers and Alfalfa

Klaus K. Nielsen, Chief Scientific Officer in DLF, gives his scientific view about how farmers can achieve a higher share of homegrown protein in European Seed INSIDERS series

Protein is crucial in meat and milk production – boosting content of protein in feed will inevitable increase your production.
Legumes, such as clover and alfalfa, are becoming more common and this kind of protein production is still gaining speed. These farm-grown legumes saves expensive transport cost, and they will yield both on protein and mineral supply and contribute with valuable soil-nitrogen for the following crops.

For several years, soybean has been an important source of protein and commodity in the agricultural business, but as plant breeding is gaining momentum and techniques are getting more effective, soybean faces powerful competitors in clovers and alfalfa. Clovers and alfalfa can be adapted and cultivated in almost every part of the world and will in many farming systems give a continuous protein-supply. The easiest way to improve forage protein content is therefore to establish grass mixtures including clover or alfalfa. Growing protein locally increases farm self-sufficiency and improves independency upon fluctuating market prices for protein substitutes

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