Choosing the right turf mixture… to prepare for the future.

What will it mean for your turf management choices and opputunites, that the varieties in your sward are measured out for your exact needs?

We can’t deny the importance of cultivar selection as part of a good integrated pest management program. There can be vast differences in susceptibility to drought, diseases, wear and recovery. To prepare for the season, to know your climatic situation and major turf stress factors when you choose the turf mixtures can mean the difference in reaching your sustainability goals or maintaining high quality with budget cuts, and lack of plant protection substances.

The expense for seeds is not where you want to save money. The right seeds can on the contrary help you succeed on fewer resources in the long run.

DLF has a professional turf mixture that will buffer the stress and offer durable wear tolerance no matter where you are.

Follow the decision support below to navigate our range of MASTERLINE and Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures to land on you next go to turf solution. Most mixtures are offered in a hot & dry version also.

The 13 different mixtures in our MASTERLINE range always offers high quality varieties. They are designed to comply with demanding professional use. A good choice if you want to tackle problems before they occur, or minimize the risk of occurrence.

If you have specific turf issues to fight, find a DLF office in your region and ask for technical support for choosing a solution that will support your needs.