Did you know DLF has qualified to the Women’s World Cup?

From June 7 to July 7 the Women’s World Cup in football will be playing in nine stadiums in France. Four of these stadiums are sown with turf grass from DLF.

The importance of the grass should not be underestimated and with its superior qualities, grass from DLF has qualified to the final on July 7. Keeping the playing fields in tip top condition for every match takes a combination of hard work and knowledge by the groundsmen and the best grass available.

The high technical qualities of DLF grass varieties is no coincidence. It is the result of years of work of a worldwide research and breeding network. A number of factors are important when evaluating the quality of the grass. Perfect color, density and resistance to wear are some of the obvious features that the grass must hold. But also rapid establishment and deep and extensive rooting are important for the grass to withstand and recover well during the extensive use, that all the stadiums in the finals will be subject to.

4turf® varieties are characterized by excellent stress tolerance in all seasons, superior rooting depth and a deep green color. All the technical qualities required for every sports turf. With these superior characteristics, 4turf® varieties perfectly meet the requirements of turf managers, television broadcasters and the best football players!

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