Did you know: for hard-wearing turf choose a hard-working mixture

If you want a wear tolerant turf, you must look at the mixture as a whole. The right mixture gives you not only a guarantee of wear tolerance, but also less maintenance and a lower risk.

All species have their own features and strengths. In a mixture the species cover each other’s blind spots and a single feature found in one specie, can never be a total solution. The “secret” lies in the combination of various species in turf mixtures. Combining species in a mixture creates a synergy effect and ensures the robustness that is needed for different traffic-weather conditions. Consequently, a single feature such as stolons, cannot stand alone as a solution in professional turf management.

stolons and rhizomesIn the broadest definition a stolon is a lateral stem growing horizontally over the ground, rooting at the nodes and producing new plants from its buds. Stolons should not be confused with rhizomes, that are lateral stems growing in the soil.
A dense and wear tolerant turf is key to a successful sports field. None of the attributes evaluated on top-recommended sports lists are connected to stolons. Actually the top positions in official sport turf lists are dominated by dense ryegrasses. A mixture combining features of multiple species, offer instant stress handling 24/7.
The road to wear tolerance:
  1. Identify your need and resources
  2. Make a careful selection of the right turf mixture fitted for the purpose
  3. With the right management you can now enjoy a turf that lives up to your expectations