Did you know that DLF select guarantees high purity grass seeds?

DLF Select brings stability to the high-purity seed market. When it’s important to get high-quality, high-purity seeds on a consistent basis, you can rely on DLF select.

Environmental changes and tougher weed-control regulations make high standards of purity ever harder to achieve. DLF Select is our response to this market need.

We have selected our best varieties, placed them for production with the most skilled growers and the cleanest fields. Specialist DLF employees work to clean the seed on dedicated cleaning lines to ensure optimal purity.

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Our end-to-end quality control ensures that you can obtain DLF select seed, year after year, season after season. That’s one of the advantages of DLF Select.

With DLF Select you get:

  • 100% grass seeds and nothing else (the S1 standard)
  • Only the best varieties
  • High purity seed year after year

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