Did you know that some grass species have better stress-tolerance than others?

4turf® is a range of perennial ryegrass varieties, developed to be strong, deep-rooting, and tolerant of stress. Stress-tolerant means that it is better able to withstand a range of unfavorable conditions, such as drought, disease, and insect attack.

The strength of 4turf® plants is obvious right from the start. Seeds kick off faster, even at lower temperatures. They grow into stronger seedlings that help to cover the ground faster without suffocating the other species in your mixture.

4turf® is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass that is enhanced to perform better than normal perennial ryegrass.

The benefits of 4turf are:

  • Rapid establishment
  • Increased drought tolerance and recovery
  • Superior cold performance
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Darker green color
  • Good performance in low input situations
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent mixture partner

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