Did you know that treated seeds perform better?

Treated seed has a much better chance of thriving under adverse conditions when untreated seed might be challenged.

R&D plays a significant role at DLF and we are constantly developing new and improved varieties. On top of this we offer a variety of seed treatments, coatings and encrustments that help you establish and maintain a professional turf.

ProNitro® coating is a starting support pack for seeds that really need to get ahead. It gives our seeds the nutrients they need to develop quickly and establish effectively. Common to the treatments we offer is that they reduce the risk of poor establishment, gives weeds less chance to establish and requires fewer input and are thus better for the environment.

Our seed treatments play a vital supporting role in seed performance. They add value to our high-quality seeds, helping to express their full genetic potential during the early stages of growth. To develop and test even more of these world-class products we've completely redeveloped our seed-technology lab at Kapelle in the Netherlands. The new lab provides a wider scope for testing and product development. The environmental conditions, which include an installation for simulated rainfall, are precisely controllable. With full control over our test environment we can learn much more about the influence of coatings on the germination and growth of the grass seed.