DLF grass keeps the ball rolling in the Premier League

DLF-TRIFOLIUM supplies the professional turf grass for most of the major Premier League stadiums

The English Premier League is well underway and millions of people across the world tune in each week, to follow their favorite team. The battle for the championship is always close in the top of English football, and when some of the biggest names in the world battle for honor and glory in the most watched football league in the world, it is primarily on Danish grass from DLF-TRIFOLIUM. DLF supplies the grass seeds for 90 percent of the famous Premier League stadiums.

As much as 45 percent of the clubs, including major clubs like Manchester United, Aston Villa (picture) and Chelsea, rely on the J Premier Pitch blend from Johnsons Sports Seed, making this the most popular blend in the Premier League. The remaining 45 percent of the clubs use different turfgrasses with DLF genetics. With thousands of fans attending each game, millions of pounds on the line and millions of viewers across the world it is essential that the grass is green, durable and strong, to endure the tough, fast paced style of play which characterizes the modern game.

The English football season is long and the pitches need to withstand sliding tackles and tough battles for possession from August through May. There is no winter break in English football, which requires the grass to be strong, but also able to grow under cool conditions. It is important that DLF-TRIFOLIUM, along with our associates, continue to frontline the development of high quality grass seeds for the professional sports turf market. Read more about DLF-TRIFOLIUM's turfgrass here