DLF Grass on top of the new Moesgård Museum

The construction of the new Moesgård Museum is underway, and the museum's green roof has been sown with DLF Masterline grass.

The construction of the new Moesgård Museum near Aarhus in Denmark has been going on for a long time. Henning Larsen Architects have created the new museum, and one of the goals has been to create a building that is a central part of the existing Golden Age landscape.

To achieve this, the museum's roof was sown with lawn seed. Dan Jord A/S has carried out the work, and they have used Masterline Prodana and Masterline Vejrabat. The mixtures consists of fine leafed, dense, drought tolerant lawn turf varieties and are ideal for such a project.

Already now the lawn seed germinates and grows on the roof. The audience will have to wait a little longer to visit this impressive museum - opening is scheduled for autumn 2014.