DLF grass seeds Worldwide

Right now there is high season in DLF to ship grass seeds to customers worldwide. The spring weather gets closer every day in more and more countries, and customers are busy filling up the shelves with goods.

From the beginning of March until Easter, DLF exports more than 600 tons of seeds from Denmark - per day. This quantity of seed is similar to the quantity needed to establish 24,000 hectares of pasture per day - or in a week - a huge grass field corresponding to an acreage of 40 x 30 km. The seed pallets are shipped by truck or by containers to more than 80 countries worldwide.
March is likely to be the busiest month in DLF for the past five years. Part of the seed are for productive grass and clover pastures and cover crops for agriculture. The largest amount of grass seed however is for lawns, both for private gardens and for the professional sector to landscapers, municipalities and sports clubs. An increasing share of DLFs exports is in ready-made mixtures, which normally include 4-8 components.
Bags, boxes and folios packed on pallets ready for the final destination

Pallets and pallets of seed are arriving in a neverending chain from the packagin area in DLF

With a daily shipment of more than 600 ton, DLF locations are known destinations by many truckdrivers