DLF joins The Amenity Forum

When voluntary initiatives are taken towards promoting sustainable and safe management in the amenity management sector DLF is paying attention.

The amenity grasses are here to do work of enjoyment for humans. Sport and leisure areas can be managed well while respecting environmental considerations. If we purposely collect and exchange knowledge about the positive synergies, the amenity sector will continue to deliver well managed areas that spread the joy it is intended to. The Amenity Forum is here to exactly that collection and exchange.

And DLF is happy to support it. We know that choosing the right grass for the purpose and situation is key to obtaining a turf that will succeed.

The chairman of the Amenity Forum Professor John Moverly is pleased that the world’s largest grass seed producer is joining the Forum:
"We are delighted that DLF Seeds have joined the Amenity Forum and, by doing so, have demonstrated their commitment to delivering best practice in the sector. The forum advocates a fully integrated approach to amenity management, and choice of the right grass seed and its management thereafter is an important part of that."

Learn more about events and initiatives in The Amenity Forum.