DLF main supplier to the Russian stadiums

Months of preparations are now completed. Now’s the time for a football summer performed at world class pitched. The groundsmen of 12 stadions, 32 basecamps and 36 training sites have done their best to prepare the best pitches for the tournament. The turf grasses from DLF play a significant role in the majority of the pitches

The World Cup tournament of 64 matches are performed at 12 Russian stadiums where 8 stadiums has chosen turf grass seed from DLF to prepare their pitches. That means that DLF turf grasses cover 44 matches in the tournament. Including the opening match, the semifinals and the final. In addition 2/3 of the 32 basecamps and half of the 36 training pitches are seeded with turf grass varieties from DLF.

4turf® in the final
DLFs 4turf® range plays a significant role in the tournament, as six stadiums; Luzhniki Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Sochi and Saransk has chosen turf grass mixtures from DLF with 4turf. These tetraploid perennial ryegrasses are characterised by high tolerance to stress, a deeper root system, and a deep green colour. In a cold and long Russian winter, the groundsmen are looking for grasses that can perform even if temperatures are low and growth conditions are tough. The 4turf grasses outperform traditional turf ryegrasses under these conditions. With their high stress tolerance and good winter survival, they are a natural choice for groundsmen.

Mr. Vladislav Lysenko, chief groundsman of FC Locomotive Moscow, is responsible for Locomotive stadium and FC Locomotive Bakovka training center in the Moscow region. All the sites are involved to World Cup 2018 as training pitches. Referees train before the matches at the stadium and Bakovka are the base for the national team of Iran.

“We are proud that our football club was the first in Russia to use sports turf mixtures, which include tetraploid ryegrasses. Based on experience, and given the specifics of the Russian climate, we have developed a mixture of ryegrasses, composed of 4turf varieties. We find it important, that 4turf have high germination rates and establish better than other turf grasses at low temperatures.

We can be sure of the result even in severe climatic conditions both in winter and in late autumn. Personally, I have been working with DLF for over 10 years and am fully satisfied with its products,” says Vladislav Lysenco.

DLF is market leader in the Russian turf grass market, and stands behind 65 percent of the Russian import of grass seed. With more than 100 turf grass varieties on the Russian National Variety List, DLF has a significant position.