DLF welcomes new breeders to R&D teams

A new breeding manager and two grass breeders were recently appointed in Holland, England, and New Zealand, to further strengthen DLF’s commitment to forage grass breeding.

Focus on improved forage yield and quality

With an increasing global demand for milk and meat based products, forage yield and quality have become two major components in the equation of getting the most out of the least and with the least impact on climate an environment. Many of DLF’s new varieties have pushed the equation balance further upwards and with the current appointments, it is the intention to take it even higher. The quest is to produce new varieties that have higher yield, better quality, and show improved robustness towards climate changes.

“Climate changes and global consumption will ensure that forage breeders do not run out of challenges soon”, says Klaus K. Nielsen, Director of R&D at DLF, who is very pleased with this year’s appointments: “Our three new employees; Mathieu Wident (NL), Joanna Halliwell (UK), and Justine Ferguson (NZ) bring in valuable qualifications in breeding, quantitative genetics, and trial management.” They have joined strong and dedicated R&D teams and their appointments are part of a general upscaling of our global forage breeding activities. “This is how we intend to take up future challenges and continue to bring top varieties to the market”, reasons Klaus as he traverses his still growing global R&D map.