DLFs view on challenges in the grass seed sector

Søren Halbye, CCO at DLF A/S interviewed by Marcel Bruins at ESA Annual meeting in Madrid

The grass seed business is currently facing a number of challenges that require timely action. In this interview CCO Søren Halbye speaks of Brexit, the trade conflict between US and China and the new ruling from The European Court of Justice that gene editing technique should now fall under the GMO Directive.

Being on the other side of a dry and warm summer in especially Northern Europe, climate is obviously a hot topic. Søren addresses the initiatives and research projects that DLF has taken to face this challenge as well as some of the products that are a result of this ongoing focus on the challenges that the climate changes bring for the seed sector.

Lastly it is discussed how mergers and acquisitions are the right choice for companies such as DLF that want an increasing focus on R&D – now and in the future.