Do you want happier cows and improved profitability?

We have 11 new possible solutions for you if you want happier cows and more profit on your farm.

We have 11 new possible solutions for you if you want happier cows.

If you find yourself looking at the feeding trough and wondering if you could revitalized the feed and improve your production of milk and meat, then we have collected 11 new possible choices for you to make.

11 new possible choices in our portfolio of grasses is what you get from DLF this season. Targeted breeding has once again proved to be the best way for us to enter official lists with high performing grass and alfalfa varieties.

We have been able to list new products in all main segments and now it is up to you to combine the best mixture for your cows to make them happier and get more profit on your farm, and we will gladly assist you.

Intermediate diploid ryegrasses

MAQUI is a perfect opportunity for those that suffer cold winters and warm humid summers. It survives cold winters and persists through attacks of rust. MAQUI is highly suited for grazing but can also supply a steady flow in a cutting regime.

Intermediate tetraploid ryegrasses

CONVEY is suited to moderate climates where it outperforms many other grasses in winter tolerance and has good early spring production. With this variety, you will gain app. 5 % increase in yield from your fields.

Late diploid ryegrasses

MOOLA is the variety to choose if you have trouble with weeds. Over several years of trials, it not only has good ground cover but also delivers yields of highly digestible grass.

REDDING will keep yielding in areas with high disease pressure, as it is particularly resistant to rust. Weed will not be a problem either as REDDING, with its high ground cover, does not leave open patches in the field for weeds to establish.

SWAN is a fast establisher and exhibits excellent ground cover. It does not leave space for weeds and its fast establishment pays off in the second year with a yield increase of 2 % over controls

Late tetraploid ryegrasses

BOUDICA is a late variety but with a high yield in the first cut and will give you an overall increase in yield of 5 %.

HOPI Will establish fast and is for those who need a fast and high yield of good quality forage for several years. It is highly recommended for mixtures with clovers, herbs and grasses as it leaves useful space for other species to establish.

MELLARE will not be harmed by harsh winters and will persist in the field for many years and you will gain by this from its magnificent yield of up to 5 % above average.

TAPPIANA is the perfect choice if you want many different qualities but can’t decide. It has tolerance for diseases, high yields early in season, good feeding qualities, protein content and persistency

Italian ryegrasses

SEZINA is one of our new Italian varieties where you will gain from many different attributes. It is a fast establisher with high yield early in season and its tolerance to rust will give you high yield through the entire season.

TWIPPER is perfect for the farmer who plans early and high first cut yield of good quality forage.

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If you want to know more about theses varieties and how you combine them to get the happiest cows, more milk or increase you meat production, do not hesitate to contact your local supplier of seeds from DLF.