European Seed takes a closer look at protein-rich alfalfa

If you want to understand alfalfa, you have to hear it from the experts – which is why European Seed asked DLF plant breeder, Vladimir Cernoch, for his thoughts. Now you can read what Vladimir and other alfalfa specialists had to say in European Seed's own in-depth article.

Producing High Protein Content Under All Conditions is European Seed's wide-ranging, analysis of the benefits of alfalfa. This 2,500-word article looks at the alfalfa breeding programme, and reveals plenty of tips for getting the best out of this protein-rich crop.

The worldwide market for alfalfa seed now amounts to 80.000 tonnes. DLF acquired Florimond Desprez’s alfalfa seed business in 2016 with the prospect of developing the business and supplying protein crop. If you are part of that vital growing market, the European Seed article on alfalfa is not to be missed.

Click here to download the article as a pdf.