Fiber energy for a higher meat production

Look for our new brand if you want to increase your meat production with homegrown forage grasses.

DLF Fiber Energy is the new badge on our range of highly digestible forage varieties. These are the varieties that release more energy from every mouthful of grass.

Farmers are often looking for possibilities how to achieve high energy concentration in the foreage to increase the high daily live weight gain of beef cattle. Adding more concetrate with a high energy source from sugar and starch is often connected with an increase risk of acidosis. The price of concentrate is furthermore high and rather flucturating and has a negative effect on farms profitability. One way of dealing with alle these these issues is to use homegrown forage of high quality.

The best way how to improve forage and energy level without increasing content of sugar and starch is using forage with high fiber digestibility. Grass with high digestibility is fundamental to the performance of dairy and beef herds.

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Beef cattle is usually known as a category of cattle with a request for a more deffienciated forage quality and nutrient concentration compared to dairy cows. Farms with beef cattle often use maize silage but maize with high starch and sugar content can easily be replaced by grass and this already done in many regions in Europe where it has become tradition to use grass in diets for beef cattle.

Improving the cell-wall digestibility of grasses increases the overall feed value of every single mouthful. It raises the maximum energy uptake, giving animals more energy from the same amount of feed. The results are clear to see: higher liveweight gain per day.

With DLF fiber Energy grasses farmers now has the possitbility to choose grass with impressive yield, persistency and disease resistency with unique forage quality not based on high sugar content but on fiber digestibility.

Look for the Fiber Energy symbol

DLF offers an extensive portfolio of Fiber Energy varieties for both cutting and grazing and these varieties can easily be mixed with clover or alfalfa to add protein to your mixture. In the right proportions you will get a perfect combination of energy from grass and protein from clovers or alfalfa.

We have made it easy for you to select grasses with fiber energy by giving our grasses a new logo; DLF Fiber Energy. Now everyone can benefit from an easily recognisable symbol for a highly successful science-based breeding program, and the top-quality grasses it produces.

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To learn more about DLF Fiber Energy and how it will help you and your livestock, please contact your local DLF area manager

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