Flower seed on the rise

Get ahead of the changing lawn care trend with "Naturalité" - France's flower and grass mixtures for eco-friendly, low-maintenance rustic lawns that are becoming popular with homeowners, authorities, and sports/golf clubs

People’s notions of what lawns should look like are changing as we are attaching more value to protecting the environment and biological diversity. More people no longer imagine a perfect close-cut lawn resembling a billiard table with sculptured edges. In France, our “Naturalité” series offers mixtures of flowers and grass. This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a lawn that either requires no mowing but still looks attractive, or is insect- and pollinator-friendly and has a more rustic appearance with flowers and grass swaying in the wind. These types of products are popular with house owners, local authorities, landscape gardeners, and sports and golf clubs wishing to sign up and follow the new market trend.