François Desprez is new Chairman of the Board in Danespo

Danespo held their Annual General Meeting in september.

Chairman of the Board, Truels Damsgaard, DLF went through the management report, highlighting that Danespo had had another successful year with a result after tax of DKK 9,3 mill., the best result in the company within the past 5 years. At the same time the balance sheet had been slimmed till DKK 163 mill. compared to DKK 201 mill. the year before. Further the Chairman informed, that Danespo as per April 1,2017 had taken over the employees from the breeding station LKF Vandel, and that the Board had approved the investment in a new breeding station and head office in Give.

After 10 years as Chairman of the Board Truels Damsgaard gave the word to the new Chairman, François Desprez.

François Desprez thanked Truels Damsgaard for his efforts as Chairman of the board, not least since Florimond Desprez entered the company as owners 1½ years ago. François Desprez stated: “My participation in the board since the beginning of 2016 has confirmed me that Florimond Desprez was right to invest in Danespo. It is an honour for me to succeed Truels Damsgaard as chairman and to take forward his ambition to further develop Danespo in Denmark and abroad with the support of a motivated and devoted staff together with very professional and skilled growers. The new management team can count on me and on the other board members to assist them in the implementation of the strategic orientations particularly in terms of R&D and marketing together with an ambitious investment plan.”

The board of Danespo consists of the following members:

  • François Desprez (Chairman), FD Admiral
  • Bruno Desprez, FD Admiral
  • Truels Damsgaard (Vice Chairman), DLF
  • Gert van Straalen, DLF
  • Jeppe Joergesen, Danespo’s Grower’s Union
  • Niels Frederik Skov Jensen, Danespo’s Grower’s Union

DLF and Florimond Desprez each own 49% of the shares in Danespo; the last 2% are owned by growers and employees of Danespo.