From seed to turf in 20 days, your eyes wouldn’t believe it!

Have you ever wanted to speed up germination of your newly sown lawn? At DLF-Trifoliums Research Division it only takes 20 days from nothing to a completely green stand.

20 days, you say? Yep. These turf trial plots, which were sown at DLF-TRIFOLIUM's research division at Store Heddinge on August 29th have all germinated and grows vigorously as of today, September 17th, shining like a green carpet under a blue sky. Aside from good seed quality and average temperatures around 18 °C (64 °F), the trick is to cover the seed bed with acrylic fiber cloth in order to keep a high moisture content in the top soil.

The field trial holds several thousand square meter plots comprising ryegrass, fine fescues, meadow grasses, and even some small leaved micro clovers for turf purposes. All plots have been sown by hand and although such work does not come easy, it is difficult not to feel really good when passing by this lively green site every day.