Full-year Financial Report 2018/19

Today, the DLF Board of Directors approved the Financial Report for 2018/19

In a comment to the full year 2018/19 financial results, Truels Damsgaard, CEO, DLF Seeds AmbA said:

“The performance within forage and turf seed was very strong in FY 2018/19. Our distribution platform in core value markets like Denmark, Benelux and the British Iles parred with a broad product portfolio and an agile supply chain proved its value, as we managed to efficiently respond to the upturn in market demand.

The longstanding strategic emphasis on developing our distribution business, with La Crosse Seed (USA) being added in June 2018, underlines the robustness of our set-up.

With the PGW Seeds deal now behind us, we are putting quite some efforts into consolidation of the businesses in South America and New Zealand. In South America we have divested or are winding-down non-strategic business activities with the goal to reduce complexity and de-risk the businesses in a challenging economic environment, especially in Argentina. We expect better performance in South America this year.”

Financial highlights of the DLF Seeds Group for the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019:

  • Revenue: DKK 5,294 mill. (DKK 4,325 mill.)
  • EBITDA: DKK 403.6 mill. (DKK 367.3 mill.)
  • EBIT: DKK 290.5 mill. (DKK 247.9 mill.)
  • Profit before tax: DKK 249.2 mill. (DKK 233.1 mill.)
  • Profit after tax: DKK 175.7 mill. (DKK 184.5 mill. )

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