Grass Summit 2020 on climate solutions

How do we solve climate challenges in forage- and turf production? One way to start is bringing the experts together.

Once every year DLF breeders, researchers, and product managers gather from all parts of the world to evaluate new forage- and turf varieties and to discuss how future challenges can be met with new inventive solutions.
This year was no exception and with new colleagues from the PGG Wrightson Seeds acquisition last year, more than 50 experts attended the four-day meeting, which were held at the breeding station in DK.

Finding solutions for future climate challenges involves screening and selection of superior genetics, but also formulation of robust- and high-performing mixtures that are disease resistant and persistent. For this purpose, the gathering of experts from global sites is extremely valuable as each person bring important experience and knowledge from various areas to the table.

Each product DLF brings to the market is a result of such concerted action to address everything from growth conditions to farm economy. It has to be good.