Have you tried our multi purpose grasses?

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PLUS grasses will be the perfect grass for you if you also prefer better persistency, faster establishemnt, yield and better feed quality.

What you get from our PLUS grasses

  • Early spring growth
  • high persistency
  • increased feeding quality and yields

PLUS-grasses provides 5% to 25% more forage, and one to two years' more persistency. This gives you the benefit of more meat and milk per hectare for many years.

We offer you two types of PLUS grasses: Ryegrass PLUS and Tall Fescue PLUS.
We call them PLUS, because they give you more than comparable grasses. They give you a more efficient and robust grassland production, lower costs and improved environmental sustainability.

Our Ryegrass PLUS varieties are characterized by a high seedling vigor, very early spring growth, very high yield and better persistency

Our Tall Fescue PLUS varieties are characterized by High seedling vigor a high yield, high quality and being very persistent.

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