Higher digestibility = higher profit

With DLF Fiber Energy grasses you can increase animal intake, which will create more energy and generate a higher output of meat or milk.

DLF Fiber Energy improves digestibility with up to 8%, which eventually could earn you app. 252 € more from every cow every year producing milk and app. 161,18 € extra per year producing meat.

When feeding with high digestible grasses the fibers will passage through the rumen faster. This means the cow will be able to take up more feed and with a more efficient digestion with more energy extracted from every kg. feed you will eventually increase you milk production.

Want to know more? Read our case study on how a high digestibility gives a higher feed intake.

Apart from increased profit, using DLF Fiber Energy you will also benefit from easier and more flexible grass management and a more sustainable production with a lower carbon footprint.

We test all varieties for feeding quality, and those showing to be high above average concerning digestibility of NDF are marked with our cell wall logo.

See our selection of DLF Fiber Energy varieties here and contact your local dealer of product from DLF to learn more and remember to look for the logo.