Looking for a new way to optimise your production?

Look for DLF Fiber Energy – it optimises your profit by extracting more energy from forage grasses without increasing your costs.

DLF Fiber Energy® combines:

  • More energy from each kg dry matter fed and
  • Increased intake due to faster digestion

These two elements are not the only advantages. Optimised energy vs. fiber ratio is also known to maintain animal health, meaning thatwith DLF Fiber Energy you also increase animal welfare.

The water, nutrients and light (radiation) used by forage plants for photosynthesis, turns into plant cells composed of cell contents (easily digestible) and cell walls which are slowly or not digestible.

DLF breeding goals

DLF Research and development departments are focusing on releasing a higher fraction of the energy contained in the cell walls for the ruminants. Our breeding programme have already given us several forage grasses with this characteristic. We have grouped all these grasses within the same concept and we call this concept “DLF Fiber Energy”.

The science behind DLF Fiber Energy grasses is obtained by increasing the digestibility of the fiber fraction – something that seem very easy to explain but actually is very complicated and takes several years to develop.

We have tried to illustrate the importance of increasing digestibility of grasses:

Usually grasses give you the energy marked by light green, but DLF Fiber Energy grasses will give you additional energy by decreasing the yellow area further. DLF Fiber Energy will give you the dark green area which is substantial higher in digestibility.

For you this will result in more energy from the same amount of grass or what we call more energy from each mouthful.

Contact us for available solutions with DLF Fiber Energy® and read more about DLF Fiber Energy® here.

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