New CAP reform on Greening

The new CAP reform in the EU will result in new demands to the farmers.

From 2015, "Greening" is one of the key elements in the direct payments in the new regulation in the EU single payment.

The new regulation:

• Greening is mandatory for all 28 EU member states

• 30% of total payment to farmers will not be paid, if the greening
demands are not met

• The aim is to improve biodiversity, protect nature and create
variation on arable land

• There are 3 action points for the farmers:

1. Keeping permanent Pasture/Grassland

2. Crop Diversification

3. Environmental Focus Areas (EFA) must cover 5% of arable land

At present (Feb. 2015), the rules are not yet finalised by the EU member states.

In DLF we are following the development in this segment very carefully and are able to supply grass and grass mixtures and other cover crops for solutions in order to meet the demands. Please contact DLF and we will help you find an appropriate solution.