New DLF forage trials in South Africa

The DLF team in South Africa has established their new variety trials. These trials include over 200 varieties, blends and treatments that will be evaluated for the South African climate and production systems

This includes varieties from Westerwold ryegrass, Italian ryegrass, Hybrid ryegrass, Perennial ryegrass, Festuloliums, Tall Fescue, Cocksfoot, Alfalfa and Fodder beets. Trials also include evaluation of seed coatings and animal friendly novel endophytes.

Varieties are sourced from DLF breeding programs across the globe, from European American, South American and New Zealand breeding programs.

Two major trial sites have been established for forage grasses, namely Kareedouw (Eastern Cape) and Cedara (KwaZulu-Natal). Alfalfa varieties were established in four sites, two in the Northern Cape and two in the Eastern Cape.

As South African dairy systems are mostly based on grazing, one of the major concerns we will be addressing, is to develop a system with high quality grazing throughout the year. We look forward to provide local data to our clients and to encourage farmers to challenge their kikuyu based systems and find better quality forages and produce more milk. We are excited about our start and look forward to share the results.